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Norton Highfield Ltd Chartered Surveyors is an independent firm of chartered surveyors. We survey residential and commercial properties.

Paul at Norton Highfield is an independent MRICS chartered surveyor based in Sheffield and London and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. As a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Paul carries out RICS surveys, and valuations for the company. he is able to also provide architectural services and project management.

Whether you are looking to buy residential or commercial properties we are here to help.

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I needed a surveyor and my price quoted for a HomeBuyer survey was very competitive. Paul...

Linda Fairclough (Google review)

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The mining report revealed historical claims against the property I am buying. I decided to have...

AigulG (Yell.com review)

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I would highly recommend Paul from Norton Highfield. Gave me a very reasonable quote within...

Claire Dexter (Facebook review)

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We used Paul at Norton Highfield for a first-time buyer purchase of a property. The report was...

CG (Google review)

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Homebuyer Reports & Building Surveys

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What do surveyors look at when they do a survey?

Roofs, walls, doors, gardens, boundary walls, fencing, paths … internally - ceilings, roof spaces, walls, doors, wood work, stairs, floors, basements, kitchens and bathrooms.

What's your turnaround time for your surveys?

5 days where the property is in a satisfactory condition with a limited number of repairs needed and 7-10 working days where more defects have been identified than normal.

How much does it cost on average to do a survey?

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How is Norton Highfield Ltd different from other firms?

We are a one stop shop and can provide building surveys, architectural drawings, RICS surveys and building estimates.


6 January 2023

I Am Considering Improving The Energy Efficiency Of My Property - What Things Should I Be Considering?

Improving the energy efficiency of your property can have a number of benefits, including lower energy bills, a more comfortable living environment, and a smaller carbon footprint. Here are a few things to consider when improving the energy efficiency of your property: Insulation:...

5 January 2023

I Am Chartered Surveyor And I Design Buildings For A Living

As a chartered surveyor, you may be responsible for a wide range of tasks related to designing and building construction projects. Some of the duties you may perform as a chartered surveyor could include: Conducting site surveys: You may be responsible for visiting construction sites to...

5 January 2023

Using Technology In Construction - What Are The Current Trends?

There are several trends in the use of technology in the construction industry. Some of the current trends include: Building Information Modeling (BIM): BIM is a digital representation of a construction project that allows professionals to design, build, and manage a project in a more...

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